They are always different Handbags because they are simply original.


About Company

Atelier Viola

“Uniqueness, originality and experience”

Our company is a family company. It was established in the Czech Republic in 1990.
All the goods and products we sell are made of a good quality regional cow hide. Our handbags are decorated with natural gemstones and semi-precious stones and other trendy and elegant accessories in a limited amount.

Every piece we produce is original and it reflects our experience and knowledge. It shows how capable we are to see and feel artistic value of our Viola leather handbags.

“They are highly expressive.”


“They are unique.”

Interior of our handbags is padded out with black velvet which makes them very luxurious. Revers of our handbags are made of the highest quality cow hide. Each leather has a special genetic code and for this reason makes each Viola´s handbag original.

“Individuality, originality and uniqueness”

materials in combination with surface treatment and uniquely designed shape makes our handbags timeless.