Since I was not allowed to study at any school of creative arts in the former CSSR (Czechoslovak Socialist Republic).

I was trained to become a decorator.

When the Societ forces entered Czechoslovakia in 1968, I emigrated to the democratic West Germany, where, after difficult beginnings, I was fortunate enough to pass talent exams at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, the field of study being free graphics.
I returned to unfree Czechoslovakia as an emigrant 4 years later because of my parents, becoming an inconvenient person for the regime once again.

As there weren’t any printers back then, I was fortunate again because I was able to paint the font and thus.
I succeeded as a decorator and font painter. As a result, I received an offer of becoming an artist and painter for the theater in Hradec Králové.

Since the nicely gentle Velvet Revolution in 1989.
I have been able to develop freely and engage in artistic activities in accordance with my inner feelings as well as freely conduct business.

I became fascinated by natural materials. I was trying to create something unique out of leather, which is when my first contoured handbags came into being.

In 1990, I opened a studio with my husband which we called VIOLA-Original Leather Accessories.

Together with my son Traci, we currently create more and completely new original handbags with their own character in our small family workshop.

In accordance with the abovementioned, VIOLA Handbags pay tribute to freedom, uniqueness, originality and natural materials.